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First Eusko Label olive oil from Ostatu

Ostatu: First Eusko Label olive oil from Ostatu

Elaborated with  their own olives of Arroniz local variety, the olive oil from Ostatu cames as an effect of their sustainable philosophy, to keep the natural characteristics of the area they belong to.

Rioja Alavesa has been focused, during the last years, in recovering a forgotten traditional farming, one that always had a extraordinary qualities to increase the singularity of this area, and which is perfect to complement the vine: the olive tree.

In this lands located in the North of the Ebro river (the ones to belong to Rioja Alavesa and some areas of Navarra) is where the Arroniz local variety makes the difference. It’s a olive tree variety which is grown in a reduced place and which is extremly well adapted to the special feature of Rioja Alavesa’s lands. As a result, we can find a high quality olive oil classified as “Virgen Extra”.  

In this line, and following an ancestral tradition, Ostatu releases it's first olive oil from Arroniz olive tress and behinf Eusko Label (basque label for local high quality products). This way they pair the olive oil small production with their consolidated wine-making history. 


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