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Ostatu Winery renews its environmental agreement for 2013

Ostatu: Ostatu Winery renews its environmental agreement for 2013

This is the second year that have obtained the e)mission neutral certificate. Now a days is not a strange thing to think in separating the litter to recycle, using energy saving light bulbs, turning off the faucet when is not being used... All these actions are habitual thing in our daily life at home. But if we are in the management of an enterprise, are we conscious of all the things that can be done for keep the environment?

Along the last few years, is being consolidated a bussines trend that focuses on testing the productive processes behind the directions of the enviromental commitment. Ostatu Winery is an example of this new bussines management trend, they have renewed the e)mission neutral Certified of reduction and compensation of their carbón footprint

For obtaining this environmental objective, the basque winery made –during 2012- hard changes in their production and management systems that have configurated their new way of understanding the wine making bussines. All with the aim of preserving and respecting the natural area where they are: the Rioja Alavesa zone. 


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