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Txoko Ostatu

Ostatu: Txoko Ostatu

What does the TXOKO OSTATU mean?

In Ostatu we want to create a "group of friends" called Txoko Ostatu and we want you to be part of it.
Purchase wine from the barrel, discounts for buying wine online, enjoyment of the facilities of the winery or the creation of exclusive packs are some of the advantages we offer you for being part of our Txoko Ostatu.
Do you want to join?
“Txoko Ostatu” Area: We have an area called Txoko Ostatu inside the winery. This place is a typical basque dinning room where 16 people can eat. A familiar and nice area where you can enjoy our wines.

What advantages can provide our TXOKO OSTATU?

In purchases:

  • Shipping free for purchases of more than 12 bottles. 
  • Welcome discount coupon for your first purchase in www.experienciaostatu.com
  • Access to different exclusive promotions which are notified to members via Newsletter.
  • Special and exclusive Packs.
  • Purchase of wine while is in the oak casks, our new Txoko de la barrica

In the winery

  • Members do not have to pay the price of visits to the winery.
  • Members will have special conditions in the use of our facilities.
  • The purchase of wine while is in the oak casks will be associated to the right of the buyer to be able to follow the evolution of their wine through the winery visits and regular information that we have to provide. In addition, each barrel will be identified with the name of its owner.

How can I belong to Txoko Ostatu?

Being part of our Txoko Ostatu is very easy. You only have to fill the form what you can find behind. We’ll do the rest.
Once you have fill the acces form, wi’ll contact you in order to provide you your member number and your first wellcome discount.

Wellcome to our Txoko!

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