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Rioja Alavesa: Best National Tourism Destination

Ostatu: Rioja Alavesa: Best National Tourism Destination

Rioja Alavesa is taking it's palce. As high quality wine makers we are already known. But now it's time to other high quality service we have: the wine tourism. 

The past January 29th, inside the international tourism fair of Fitur, our region was awarded with Turspain's SICTED Best National Tourism Destination prize. A prize to the important work made by local tourism enterprises looking for the wine tourism excellence. And a prize to our constancy, as Rioja Alavesa had already been a finalist in other editions.

Furthermore, María Jiménez, responsible of the management of Rioja Alavesa's Wine Route, got the prize to First Finalist as Best SICTED Manager of Spain.  

But all these prizes are nothing without you. It's your confidance in Rioja Alavesa's services the main factor to get all the awards. So, from Ostatu, we want to thank you. Thanks for visiting us!

And if you never have been in this beautiful wine region, we make easier for you with a lot of different plans with an unique aim: to you can enjoy our company and, of course, our wines. 


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