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Welcome 2017!

Ostatu: Welcome 2017!

October arrives and, surprisingly, the harvest is just gone. This 2017 has been an early harvest, the earliest we have known, which began on September 14th (the 2015 vintage, an early one, began on September 15th).

The 2017 vintage will undoubtedly be remembered in the winemaking history due to the April frost that caused one of the shortest DOC Rioja harvests of the last 30 years. In our case, in red grapes, we will barely reach 50% compared to a regular harvest.

Checking the evolution of the vineyard during its vegetative growing process, just a few of us dare to be optimistic. However, along the harvest we have verified that we will have one of the greatest vintages in quality of recent years. Short one, for sure, but without doubts: very good.

As every year, we have to be aware of an unquestionable reality: there will be different levels of quality. The areas that have not been affected by the frost and where the productions have been high will compromise the quality, due to the climatic factors that have existed and to this early picking up. In our case, 100% of the production is located in Rioja Alavesa (mostly in Samaniego), an area punished by the frost. Hence the drop in production and the high quality in the fruit that we have already commented.

Now we have left a large part of the vinification process and, of course, to prepare and take care of the vines for the next harvest, which, we hope, will not give us "as many headaches” as the 2017.

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