LORE de Ostatu 2015


The coolest vineyard. Fermented in oak barrel and maturated on its lees for 6 months. Made with Viura and Malvasia from "Valcavada", a vineyard located inside the Protected Biotope of the Lagoons of Laguardia, facing north towards the Cantabria mountain range. A white wine with a perfect zonal and identity statement.

Wine-maker: Iñigo Sáenz de Samaniego

Vineyard management: Ernesto Sáenz de Samaniego/ Iñigo Sáenz de Samaniego

Region: D.O.C Rioja, Sub-zone Rioja Alavesa.

Vintage: 2015

Vintage Classification: Very Good

Market release: Diciembre 2018

Vineyards and terrain: 

The grapes come from a special vineyard, Valcabada, north faced, at an average altitude of 580m above sea level. This plot belongs to the protection area known as Biotop of “Lagunas de Laguardia”. Poor calcareous/clay soil, on north facing slopes. The subsoil is made up of various layers of white rock.


  • Mediterranean climate with strong Atlantic influence. Extreme winter-summer contrast.
  • Precipitation: 684,1 litres.
  • Ave. Temp.: min. 7,72°C/ máx.18,08°C/ media 12,50°C
  • Average temperature of the soil: 12,99ºC

The vineyards:

  • 50% Viura, 50% Malvasia.
  • Valcabada vineyard, 50 years old. 
  • Plantation density: 3.000 vines/hectare.
  • Goblet pruning.
  • Production: 6.300 Kg/hectare.
  • Hand harvested in 15 Kg boxes, on 20th September 2015.


Destemmed and 8 hours low temperature maceration. The grape must ferments on the lees in 500 l oaks for 27 days at 16ºC. The wine is then kept in the cask until it is bottled. Natural cold stabilisation. Filtered only for tartaric stabilisation process.


  • Alcohol: 13,81%
  • Total Acidity: 6,30 gr/l
  • Volatile Acidity:0,43 gr/l
  • Total SO2: 120mg/l
  • Production: 4.800 bottles (75 cl)